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From the time we were given our first allowance or pay check individually we make financial and life directing choices. Some people rely on their best friend, a person they work with, internet , or Financial Consultant to help them make decisions.

Wyman & Associates would like to help you with these questions in an effort to help you plan and execute your future with purpose and desire to live your future as you prefer.

Some of the events in our lives that start a pattern of Financial and Life Planning which follow us are: 

  • How much do I save out of my allowance/paycheck for the future?
  • Am I going to live paycheck to paycheck and save when I have extra money?
  • How much will I have to make to go to school?
  • Can I afford a car/insurance/gas/maintenance?
  • Do I rent or buy anything?
  • Do I really read the contracts I sign?
  • Am I going to be actively involved in my planning or let someone else do it and live off of their decisions?
  • Do I know the difference between Pre-Tax Accounts and Post-Tax Accounts?
  • Do I really know what life decisions cost prior to launching into them?

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