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Disability/Life Insurance

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Would Disability Insurance be a value added benefit for you or your staff??

Contact Wyman Financial Solutions if you would like to protect your business - and the people who make it run - With Life Insurance, Disability Income Insurance and Work Place Insurance from Illinois Mutual. Whether your business is big or small, we have an affordable flexible protection solution for you. You all work hard for what you have, it's time to protect it!

Disability Insurance and Life Insurance can be acquired individually or as a group plan.

Disability Insurance is available to support a person who is unable to work either for a short, long or permanent period of time. There are a number of options regarding length of coverage as well as waiting periods prior to receiving benefits.

Life Insurance While there are a number of options and coverage levels, this insurance is used to protect the family or debt obligations of the insured. Term for a period of time or a policy for the life of the insured is available based on current and future need.

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