Strategic Partners

Wyman & Associates takes pride to have a customized approach to assisting people through accumulating and then using their personal wealth. As an independent firm we search for the options which will work for our clients.

 Not being experts in all fields we have found other experts in their individual fields who we have confidence in and are happy to recommend to our clients.

Should you have needs in the following areas, please contact us so we can connect you with our Professional Strategic Partners:

> Legal Support - Both individual and business - would you like to have a lawyer you can sit with to determine your specific need?

> Business Commercial Insurance - Have you reviewed your current insurance lately? Do you want to have another opinion to make you assure of your liability coverage?

> Business Owner Exit Strategies - Have you made a plan to exit your business as the owner? Making a plan is the best way to ensure the most cost effective way to exit your business. Deciding to close the door of your business without a plan  will not get you there.

> Senior Placement/Housing Transition - Whether an individual or business person, this issue for family and employees will cross your path. This often effects our time at work. It is a stress related time and having people you can contact with time tested knowledge would be extremely helpful.

> CPA/Tax Services Whether you need someone to complete your taxes or want a different agency to look at your previous tax filings with a different view, we have available to our clients a national tax service. If this is a need you have and willing to consider suggestions or be grateful for confirmation that you have made the right choices in the past - let us know and we will direct you and your questions to a professional in this area.

> Individual Personal Lines of Insurance Seeking quality coverage and pricing for individuals is always a matter of searching the internet as an individual. Working with a company that is independent, has a number of company options, and a review of current coverage to need - allows you as our client to make the best choices. Is this something you need?