Senior Placement

Are you a business owner or employee seeing time from work adding up due to the Senior in your life needing more and more attention? The strain of this situation is happening more and more.

Or, are you personally finding it difficult to take care of your home, live in a split level house or away from the professional and personal community you need?

The topic of Senior Placement and what the can mean going forward for individuals and families is becoming more and more of a topic in conversation with our clients.

An option you may want to look to is Graham & Graham with consultants through out the states.

If you are lost in the world of long term care, Graham & Graham Eldercare Consultants LLC will provide the directions.  With more than 40 years of combined experience in the long term care industry, Jerry and Michelle Graham and their team of Eldercare Consultants/Certified Senior Advisors educate families on the costs of care, how care is paid for, and what level of care is appropriate for their unique situation. They evaluate clinical needs, financial situation and potential resources, as well as personal preferences and desires. If a care option is needed they will provide options that they have personally toured, interviewed and screened. Services are always FREE to families. Graham & Graham is compensated by the senior housing industry so there is never a fee to you.