Senior Concerns

  • Do you sell your house and move to another city? Move to a warmer climate?
  • Do you know how much money monthly you will have in retirement?
  • Have you budgeted for your retirement needs, your travel you want to do?
  • Are your designations in place for Power of Attorney and Executor?
  • Does at least one person in your family or a best friend know your plans?
  • If you have health issues, do you have money to support your living style if something happens?

These are many of the basic questions that need thought and answers. They are also questions that families speculate on or are left to manage if the questions have not put a plan in place.

Would you like a third party to have this kind of conversation with? It is not easy and needs caring people to work with you. Wyman & Associates is just that group of people. We have valuable colleagues who we see as our team to help resolve all of these questions with you.

Live your life with a plan!