Do you find yourself needing to down size quickly or family members away when needed? Read further to see if this story calls your name.

The Story of S.A.S.H.

SASH began with a personal story. Everet Hedahl, a decorated WWII veteran, owned a home in Port Orchard, Washington. His wife lived in a memory care community nearby, and Everet visited her often.

After her passing, Everet decided it was time to sell his home. This way, he could move in with his granddaughter and enjoy daily care and companionship.

What Everet and his family believed would be a fairly simple selling process turned out to be a long, stressful ordeal. Together, he and his granddaughter worked many weekends to get the home ready for sale, cleaning, sorting, and packing. They waited months for a buyer, dropping the price twice. During this time, Everet experienced serious health challenges and many overwhelming setbacks. His home sale process took a tremendous toll on his health and well being.

Everet’s granddaughter, Rebecca Bomann, believed that he deserved better. She discovered that many seniors struggled through their home sale without better assistance, and there were very few resources available that seniors could trust.

In 2005, Rebecca founded SASH to provide seniors with custom-designed home sale services. She combined her experiences in social work, senior care, and real estate to create SASH’s innovative model of care.

To this day, SASH serves seniors and their families with the same personal dedication. We treat each client as if they were our own family, with the goal of making their home sale experience the best that it can be.