Rapid Draw Down

Rapid Draw Down - will I/we out live the accumulation of retirement money?

Here is where you really need to "do the math."

Over time there have been studies about using 4% annually of your retirement fund to support your living style. In addition to that there are conversations about what that really means to your living style?


Let's put an example on the table/month:

Currently                                                               At Retirement -Total Accumulated$750,000 ))

> You Live on $6,500                                                  > $2,500 (4% annual $30,000/12 months)

> Home Payment  $1,500                                           > $1,500

> Medical Insurance Costs $500                                 > $650

> Car/House Insurance $250                                      > $250

> Money left to use as needed    $4,250                     > $100

                                 * Do you have a Pension Plan to add to this Retirement figure?

                                 * Will Social Security be there to add to this monthly income?

                                 * Have you put together another account like a ROTH?

                                * Do you have a business that will bring additional dollars to this picture?

                                * Are you planning on doing a new job you've waited to start?



There are options but planning is what it takes!!