People have open conversations and others just quietly think about Long Term Care Insurance. The anticipation of how to manage living as one grows older brings this topic forward.

Thinking that one can self insurance the possible need for nursing home coverage or extended care needs to be anchored in reality. In addition, no one wants to be a responsibility of their family if they have not planned for this issue.

Personally addressing the question of "to have or not to have Long Term Care" comes in a variety of ways. Specified Long Term Care Insurance from a company that has been in that business for a long time is important. If one looks to a combination Life Insurance and Critical Care policy it is important to read and understand the policy in full. Or, are you continuing to believe that there is enough money in the Wealth Management Plan - all are options to think about.

Regardless how this topic is addressed, it is critical to have the conversation in planning one's retirement and wealth management.

Do Not Neglect This Conversation!