Making decisions as an individual, you have to make choices regarding:

>  How to accumulate dollars for a Retirement Plan and in what kind of account or fund?

> If you move from one company to another through your life time - how do you move your money?

> With the Affordable Health Care Act in place, how do you acquire health care?

> While working does your employer have Group Disability Insurance or Group Life Insurance in place to assist you in paying bills if something happens to you?

> As a member of a family, have you put all of the appropriate documents in place for your family?

> Do you review all of your plans and documents at least every 4-5 years to make sure all are as you intend?

> When you approach Retirement you need to review all of your portfolio and begin creating a plan for that day. It is critical to do this ahead of the day instead of a couple months prior.

The best plan and best choices are done with quality information, time to review, discuss and select. Wyman Financial Solutions is here for all times.