Businesses Owners

As a Business Owner your choices are important for you, your employees, your family and your customers. Wyman takes serious your needs and as business owners ourselves we are clear about the impact of decisions along the life of your company.

The advantage of working with us and our Strategic Professionals, is that we are independents. This means that we have no obligations, like some others in our business, to push any one product, approach or line in any part of our work with our clients. Learning  what you need through an in depth conversation, review of existing positions and intended direction for your company is how to help you.

We are here to assist you in putting in place insurance coverage for your company, on you and your key employees. In addition we will shop the market of plans available to you and your employees for retirement planning, medical coverage and supplemental insurance for your employees.

With our Strategic Professionals we can also connect you with quality businesses in Payroll, Risk Management, Legal Support, Tax Preparation, and overall insurance on your facility structure, bonding for your work and protection for your consulting contractors.

If you are looking for initial assistance or wanting to have someone take a second look at your current coverage, you have come to the right organization. Give us a call!